Edge of the Empire

Debts to Pay

Into the Mines

Jabba the Hutt sent the crew of the Frayt Krang to the planet Arkanis to meet with his associate Bargos the Hutt.

The crew were met at first with Bargos’ Toydarian majordomo, Genko. They were brought out in front of the Hutt. Bargos told them of a newly acquired venture, a share in an oridium mine on Gavros. He wants the crew to fly and take stock of the mine. But mainly he wants to pick up his first years cut of 100,000cr. The crew agree and set out.

Arriving in orbit around Gavros Sasha and 41-Vex scan the planet. They find no clear signs of life, just faint ones that would suggest that the miners are underground. They also pick up on the large toxic dust storm heading that way. Fortunately, the facility appears to have generators to prevent the toxic storm harming anyone.

The Frayt Krang lands on the main platform and are greeted by… no one. They move along the ramp to the main door expecting to be greeted inside. The door opens and they enter the reception area and area and are greeted by… no one. They opened the door to reception office, this time they found something. A mysterious stain on the floor and blaster fire on the transpaisteel windows.

Returning to the reception they went to the door to the canteen. Forcing it open they found four dead humans and a chef droid. The humans were all killed by blaster fire. Talking to the droid called Chef, they quickly realised that he had no idea what was going on and that he was not the most intelligent of droids. Whilst they tried to explain to the droid about the four dead humans, Chef continued to make the dead humans food and serve them. He also offered food to Pash, calling him Marv instead.

With a dead end here the crew returned to the reception area and forced their way into the staff corridor. They investigated the three refreshers here finding a Trandoshan sitting on one of them. He was also killed by blaster fire. 41-Vex quickly pointed out that the Trandoshan blood matched the mysterious fluid in the reception office.

They moved on to the Rec Room. Here they found nothing out of place. The only thing that most of them didn’t like was a large poster of a scantily clad Trandoshan. 41-Vex must have liked it since he took it for himself. They continued search the staff quarters finding nothing out of place. Until they searched the chief’s quarters. Pash went of by himself to investigate the mine office.

In the chief’s quarters Sasha and 41-Vex found a droid that had been shut of and had a restraining bolt attached to it. 41-Vex removed the bolt and Sasha turned the droid on again. The droid told them the he was 3D-4K and he was the administrator droid. He knew nothing of what had happened and believed he had only been shut down for about 2 hours. The last thing he recalled was going to meet with the supervisor droid EV-8D3.

With 3D-4K in tow, Sasha, 41-Vex and Lowhhrick headed to meet up with Pash in the office. There they found the human looking through old invoices right next to a safe. Which unbeknownst to them he had tried and failed to break into. The nearby computer was on but no access at the time. Pash had also failed to hack into the computer. 41-Vex asked if 3D-4K could give him access to the security cameras. Which the administrator agreed to.

As the security cameras came up, a prerecorded warning over the PA system announcing that shield generator IV had gone down. 3D-4K assured the crew that it was fine and only if five generators went down would there be a problem.

The crew watched the security cameras. The first camera showed the Trandoshan run into the reception office before being gunned down by blaster fire. The assailant could not be seen. The second camera showed a ship landing on the second platform. A Sullustan pilot came out and was greated by a supervisor droid, that 3D-4K told them was EV-8D3. The two walked onto the ship but the security camera went down. A third camera showed a group of twelve miners heading down into the mine. The final camera showed a cloud car leaving the main platform about half an hour before the arrival of the Frayt Krang.

With 3D-4K worried about the safety of the miners , the crew headed into the prep room. Here they met a medical droid. The droid seemed to know nothing but kept offering Pash medical assistance. Although they were surprised that the droid had only a limited AI they knew it wasn’t going to be too useful. The crew continued in the cargo area.

Here the crew found mostly crates and two large shut down loadlifters. Pash wanted to head up to the second landing pad but Lowhhrick found a little R2 unit. With 41-Vex coming around to translate. They found R2-B7 to be neither helpful or friendly. The others watched on as an exchange of beeps and boops between 41-Vex and R2-B7 turned to violent shoving. Eventually, 41-Vex let the little droid go. The crew headed up to the second landing platform.

Opening out onto the platform they found the transport ship from the security camera still sitting there. Looking around they found a human that had crawled while wounded to a hiding place behind some crates where he succumbed to his stab wounds. A quick search of the ship and they found the Sullustan pilot also dead, killed by a blaster. Lowhhrick decided to lock this ship down to prevent it going anywhere.

The crew and 3D-4K headed back down into the facility and quickly found the workshop. Here 41-Vex found a human female submerged in an oil bath. He also found seven packets of unopened restraining bolts and some opened ones. Here they heard another warning over the PA, that Shield Generator V had shut down. 3D-4K was starting to worry about the miners. The crew moved on.

At the mine entrance they met EV-8D3, who also had six unarmed B1 battle droids, R2-B7 and another two droids. EV-8D3 told them that they were raided by pirates that killed all of the sentients up top and then headed down into the mine to finish of the last of the miners down below. 41-Vex did not trust the supervisor droid and wanted to attach restraining bolts to him. Eventually, with the worrying of 3D-4K that they would take the cars down into the mines. EV-8D3 told them that they, including the battle droids were useless in the coming combat because they were unarmed and had no combat subroutines. But he believed the miners would make a stand at the waypoint, not too far in.

The crew headed down into the mine with 3D-4K. Arriving at the way point they thought that they should exercise caution. They spotted a barricade built inside. Assuming that it was the miners inside the sent 3D-4K in first. After a brief burst of blaster fire, the head of 3D-4K came rolling out. 41-Vex announced that he knew it. That the droids were the ones that killed everyone. Pash called out telling the people inside that they were not droids and then took a leap of faith stepping into the open. The miners seemed relieved. Pash told them that 41-Vex was on their side and they let the droid come in too. The leader, Marv told them that they had gotten a message about the droids going crazy. Just then another warning over the loudspeaker, Shield Generator VI had gone down. The miners were looking worried. Marv said that they needed to get out of their soon.

The crew headed back, promising to send the mine car back. Taking positions to take out the droids the crew got ready. When the car came to a stop they saw what they had feared. The droids were now armed and taking up defensive positions. 41-Vex threw a grenade destroying three of the B1’s. Lowhhrick charged another group of battle droids. Pash took pot shots at the same droids while Sasha targeted EV-8D3. The droids closed in on Lowhhrick, including R2-B7 hwo took to using a welding torch. Lowhhrick ignored them and decided on taking out the leader EV-8D3. After the leader wetn down to the vibroaxe of Lowhhrick the last of the droids had been destroyed by the others except for R2-B7 which took off. Pash gave chase going through the workshop and into the cargo area. The others followed. Inside they found the medical droid that offered medical assistance. 41-Vex jumped at the droid and attached a restraining bolt. Sasha charged of after the astromech but was stopped when a load lifted hit her hard. The other loadlifter pinned Pash to the ground, knocking him unconscious. 41-Vex, Sasha and Lowhhrick managed to destroy the loadlifter that kept trying to hit them. The Lowhhrick jumped on top of the other loadlifter attacking it from the top. The second loadlifter did nothing but keep Pash pinned to the ground.

The crew moved onlooking for the droid. 41-Vex wanted to checkout the other platform as Lowhhrick threw Pash over his shoulder. Another warning, Shield Generator VII went down. They decided to head to their ship and go out and destroying whatever was destroy the shield generators. They got to the ship. Sasha took the controls and made for Shield Generator VIII. Lowhhrick took to the Ventral lasercannon. They saw the cloud car when they approached the generator. With a quick burst of laser fire the cloud car exploaded and was left exposed to the harsh atmosphere. The crew returned to the mining facility.

They were met with a grateful Marv. 41-Vex and Pash told them about Bargos and his request for credits. They came to an agreement where they would take just 20,000cr and would let the miners rebuild. The miners said that they would find the droid and destroy him. The crew took their credits and headed to their ship.

In orbit they contacted Genko. Who eventually put them through to Bargos. When Pash told him that a pirate attack had occurred and the funds had been stolen, Bargos did not believe it for a second. They came to an agreement that Pash and the crew of the Frayt Krang would recover the credits and get them to Bargos. And they would do it now.



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