Edge of the Empire

Escape From Mos Shuuta

On the run from Teemo the Hutt

Six employees decided to make a break from the unfair work conditions imposed by Teemo the Hutt. They were immediately trapped inside the spaceport of Mos Shuuta.

The runaways burst into the local Mos Shuuta Grill & Cantina pursued by six Gamoreans. They tried to hide and blend into the crowd. Unfortunately they were not quick enough to hide from the Gamoreans. Lowhhrick jumped behind the bar whilst Pash, 41-Vex, Sasha and Mathus tried to play it cool in the crowd. Oskara tried to blend in with the dancing Twi’lek, however her blaster carbine gave away the hiding place. During the fight that followed Pash became pinned under a table with a couple of Gamoreans on top of it. Lowhrick took a beating behind the counter but dished out a much greater one with his vibroaxe. Vil the bartender of the cantina suggested that they need to leave Tatooine and told them that there was ship docked in landing bay Aurek. But the ship was owned by Captain Trex a bounty hunter working for Teemo. The ship was also needed to have a hypermatter reactor igniter. Vil then told them to leave.

The runaways then made their way to the junk shop run by Vorn Tel-Ovis. Pash managed to convince Vorn to sell them a hypermatter reactor igniter for just a few more credits. Their next stop was the Space Control Center to unlock the docking clamps on the ship. They found a back door to the control center. They came up with a plan to take them all out however Pash thought that they might be able to talk their way out. Pash went around the front and convinced the security droids to let him in to see Oversee Brynn. As he entered he saw Brynn allowing an Imperial Lambda Class Shuttle to land at landing bay Besh When he met her, he charmed her into unlocking the docking clamps holding the Krayt Fang. Pash also managed to organise a date for his return to Mos Shuuta.

Exiting the Space Control they started to make their way to landing bay Aurek. They were intercepted by a patrol of Stormtroopers. The Stormtroopers identify the runaways and instruct them to stop. They ran from the Stormtroopers heading toward the shanty town adjacent to Mos Shuuta. They managed to loose the Stormtroopers through the shanty town and came out near landing bay Aurek. Pash left a message for Trex requesting to meet with him in the Cantina to offer Lowhhrick as a bounty. Trex fell for the deception leaving the ship and the landing bay. 41-Vex and Pash convinced the remaining security droids to let them install the hypermatter reactor igniter. They are given access to the Krayt Fang.

The runaways steal the ship with Pash at the controls and Mathus installing the hypermatter reactor igniter. A flight of TIE fighters moved to intercept the fleeing runaways. Lowhhrick takes the ventral laser cannon while Oskara takes the dorsal laser cannon. 41-Vex handles any repairs the ships needs in flight while Sasha works the computers and sensors. The manage to destroy the TIE fighters as Mathus finishes the installation of the hypermatter reactor igniter. The new crew of the Krayt Fang jumped to hyperspace to freedom.



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