Edge of the Empire

Trouble Brewing

In the early hours of the morning in the palace in Mos Shuuta on Tatooine only 41-Vex and Captain Trex were awake and moving about. Trex was getting a delivery of something when 41-Vex offered help. With that there was a ringing at the front door. Trex rudely told 41-Vex to go and answer it.

At the front were two Imperial Stormtroopers. They demanded to see the captain of the Frayt Krang. 41-Vex went and woke Pash up, who came to the door. The Stormtroopers offered Pash 10,000cr to take them to Formos. Pash agreed. They woke Sasha and headed to the loading ramp. The Stormtroopers refused to pay half upfront. Which resulted in a stand off between between the two Stormtroopers and 41-Vex. Pash calmed 41-Vex down and agreed to collect the funds when they arrive.

Once they were in orbit, Pash went to speak to the Stormtroopers. The way to Formos would be straight through an Imperial Checkpoint. The Stormtroopers, told them they shouldn’t have to worry if as long as they were not holding any contraband but the process could take time. Pash decided that it would be better to take the Kessel Run. With Sasha navigating and 41-Vex having to repair the ship, Pash eventually flew the Kessel Run a very slow trip though.

On arriving at Formos they were greeted by another six Stormtroopers. The lead trooper said he was taking these two deserters into custody. The two Stormtroopers went quietly and easily. Pash asked for a reward but was told that there wasn’t one. The eight Stormtroopers boarded a Lambda class shuttle, which took off moments later.

The trio decided to make the trip worth their while and started looking around. 41-Vex wanted to find a doctor that he could get to work in Mos Shuuta. However, this place was a hive for smugglers and scoundrels. It didn’t take long for the crew to spot some smuggling activity. 41-Vex headed of one way to look for a doctor, Pash went another way to find a cantina. Sasha eventually decided to shadow Pash.

Pash walked past a dark alley near a cantina and heard a buzzing and a call for help. He went to check it out. He found a 3PO protocol droid, J9-B8 broken and dumped in the trash. With the hos last few moments the droid asked Pash to find R4-W9. When Pash closed the trash compactor, Sasha came up behind him. She asked what he was doing and he showed her the discarded droid. They headed into the cantina.

41-Vex was having no luck finding a doctor. He did wander across a water seller that was being harassed by a thug trying to extort on behalf of a ‘Big Man’. He offered the water seller 35cr to get rid of the thug, which he happily did.

Back in the cantina, there was a wanted poster for an aqualish called Bandon Dobah. Pash tried to find out anything about smuggling activities in the area. It seemed as though nobody want to talk about it though. Eventually a devaronian asked Pash to meet him in a quiet room. The devaronian turned out to be an information broker. He told Pash a little bit about Dobah. He runs all of the smuggling activity around Formos. He aslo has a bounty on his head from none other than Thakba the Hutt. Lastly, a rodian bounty hunter recently went after him but he was never heard from again.

Pash wasn’t pleased with this information so he left the booth. As he came out, a very attractive rodian woman walked into the Cantina, followed by 41-Vex. Both headed to the bar while Sasha watched the Jatz player. A few moments later two humans a weequay entered the cantina. A general hush came over the cantina, even the Jatz player missed a few notes. They headed over to the bar. One of them noticed the rodian woman, and quiet sleazily sidled over to her. 41-Vex noticed that she didn’t look comfortable with attention intervened. Eventually the man got tired of the annoyingly polite droid. He and his companions left the cantina.

41-Vex invited the girl to join them at Sasha’s table. She agreed. She told them her name was Zanatta and that she was out here to do research for a new atlas that will be used by rodians, particularly rodian bounty hunters. She told them that there was supposed to be a droid on the planet with good information on the Kessel run. She would really like to find it, an astromech droid called R4-W9. It was then that Sasha and Pash noticed a toydarian fluttering nearby that seemed to be eavesdropping. 41-Vex stood up, and the toydarian fluttered out the door. 41-Vex followed, as did Sasha only more discretely. Pash stayed behind to talk to Zanatta.

The toydarian flew home, knowing that the 41-Vex was following him. Once he got there 41-Vex returned to the cantina. Half an hour later Sasha saw the toydarian leave the house. She followed him to a warehouse where she overheard him selling them out to the three men from before. She headed back to the cantina. In the meantime Pash found out from Zanatta, that the missing bounty hunter’s clan would be worried about him. Although she denied it, he guessed that she might be related to the bounty hunter. When Sasha got there and told them all about the toydarian, 41-Vex decided he wanted to see the broken droid. Sasha took him out toward the door, Pash valiantly decided to stay behind to protect Zanatta.

Sasha and 41-Vex got to the door of the cantina and then saw the three men and some of their companions setting up in hiding places. One of them was on a roof with a heavy repeating blaster. The leader spoke up demanding that the three of them through down there weapons and surrender. The two of them jumped back inside as the repeating blaster opened fire overhead. 41-Vex through grenades while Sasha fired on the leader. Pash arrived and decided to get some cover outside, unfortunately getting cut down by the repeating blaster. with so many shots striking the door, a large section of duracrete collapsed creating a dust cloud right over 41-Vex and Sasha. Anotehr shot hit the bar behind them causing a small yet deafening explosion. Sasha took down the leader as 41-Vex was taken out by the repeating blaster. The rattle from the heavy weapon shook the gunner of the building he was on though. Sasha had to take a couple of stim packs before she opened fire twice more killing the last two assailants. Sasha moved to give Pash a stim pack before picking up the pieces that had been 41-Vex. Pash grabbed the backpak the leader held before helping Sasha get 41-Vex to the ship.

After a few hours Pash had managed to repair their doctor. Once the docotr was somewhat functional, he managed to repair himself and heal his companions. In the bag they found a restraining bolt remover and a set of keys. Sash realised that she knew where the hideout was and led the others there. They opened the door and found R4-W9. After they freed him from the restraining bolt and looted the cupboards, they found out that he wanted to take revenge on the culprit, Bandon Dobah. He agreed to give Zanatta, the information for the 2,000cr she offered. 41-Vex offered for the astromech to join them on the Frayt Krang, which he agreed as long as the took down Dobah. Sasha found that a nearby set of coordinates had been downloaded into the droid.

The four of them set out for the coordinates. R4-W9 guided them as close as he could and pointed out a large hollowed out asteroid that was the likely base of operations for Dobah. Sasha got the scanners going as Pash boarded the Blade’s Edge. She found that there was an orbiting sentry droid that would need to be taken out first. Or another vessel that was powered up on standby would join the fight. She found life signs in several caverns and another energy signature of another ship. Pash aboard the Blade’s Edge and Sasha took control of the dorsal turret and R4-W9 took the controls of the Frayt Krang. The flew past the orbiting sentry and took it out quickley. They headed down to the second energy signature, the one that wasn’t idling.

They flew through a pressure curtain and found a ship. There appeared to be no one expecting them. Pash stayed in the headhunter while Sash and 41-Vex set themselves up outside. Pash called over the comm to the other ship and saw someone moving in the cockpit. One of the turrets started to move which he took out. Another started to move so he opened fire on the cockpit but not before taking a shot from the ship which forced him to land. Five men including the Aqualich Dobah and the rodian came out of the ship. 41-Vex made light work of the humans while Sasha opened fire on Dobah. Once Pash got out of the cockpit he managed to convince the Rodian to help them. It was the rodian that shot and killed Dobah.

The rodian, Godan Nekatta and the crew decided that he would take Dobah’s ship and would go back o see his sister, Zanatta. Pash suggested that he also take the bounty, since it was Godan that got the kill and 41-Vex just wanted a souvenir. While the crew would take the two containers of spice that were rigged to blow, once 41-Vex disabled them. R4-W9 took up the offer to join the crew of the Frayt Krang.



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