Edge of the Empire

Under the Shadow of a Black Sun

Making friends in low places

With the crew of the Frayt Krang in desperate need of credits Pash found that he had a text message from Maru Jakkar. It said that she had a job for him that could earn him up to 20,000cr for him and his team. He replied that they were on their way.

A brief encounter with Maru Jakkar and a stop over on Tatooine, to drop Lowhhrick. They were given a task of tracking down a stolen spice shipment from the Pykes Family and bring the culprit to justice. The crew then found themselves on the Imperial Centre. In the darkest depths of the undercity. They had just broken in to a Black Sun headquarters and hacked into one of their secure computers when the alarm began to wail. They had to escape quickly. They busted out onto the nearest platform out into the bustling city. The spotted some Black Sun thugs approaching them. There was a speeder taxi parked near by waiting for a fare.

Sasha, Pash and 41-Vex quickly jumped into the speeder taxi. The taxi took off under heavy blaster fire. The driving droid’s head exploded from a lucky shot. Pash jumped to the controls and brought the speeder toward the busy skylanes. 41-Vex drew his blaster to take a shot at the Black Sun thugs that had mounted speeder bikes. He hesitated, fearing that a stray shot will strike an innocent bystander. Instead Pash steered into the traffic and down an ally. He took a nose dive and ducked under a bridge. Sasha pointed out a vent that Pash dove into. At a junction he turned into a junction on the right and shut down the speeder. They played it quiet as the thugs flew past.

A message to Maru Jakkar resulted in them getting instructions to meet with a contact called Chopper at small speeder shop in quadrant L-42. They flew straight there and met with the Besalisk Chopper. The trio handed Chopper the data file for decryption. Chopper decrypted the file and found that the spice thief was a Nikto bounty hunter called Kaa’to Leeachos. Chopper had heard of the Kaa’to and that he usually hangs out at the Umbra Club, Spyder or Zelcomm Tower. The trio decided to head to the Umbra Club first.
The dingy cantina that is the Umbra Club was busy at the time of night. The trio went up to the Gotal bartender. Pash found out that from the bartender that Kaa’to frequented the cantina and that he often meet with a deathstick dealer called Speng.

Speng was in one of the private booths with a customer. After a while the customer came out of the booth. Pash left it a few minutes before heading over to the booth. He knocked and announced himself before he went in. After a brief encounter with the man, Pash came out knowing that Kaa’to frequents the sabacc table’s over at the Spyder club and a crate of deathsticks.

Pash led the way over to the Spyder club. The club was much like the any other sabacc parlor across the universe. The trio kept a lookout for Kaa’to. Sasha eventually found her way to a sabacc table with a Male Falleen playing. She quickly found out that the Falleen was a member of the Black Sun. After Sasha won a few pots, the Falleen tired of loosing his money and left the table along with the majority of it’s players.

Realising that the Nikto was not going to show tonight the trio decided to make their way to Zelcomm Tower. As they headed toward the parked speeder taxi a swoop bike came up past them. The Nikto rider took a single shot a Pash. The shot hit the side of the building next to them and swoop bike took off. They quickly worked out that the Nikto that just attacked them was Kaa’to.

Zelcomm Tower had a little bit of activity happening when the trio arrived. A shuttle took off from one of the upper decks. Sasha spotted a vent and the three of them decided to crawl through the vents. The found that vents led to a spot over looking a security guard at a monitoring station. Another spot was overlooking a warehouse that was bustling with activity. 41-Vex noticed a crate labelled “Mini Thermal Detonators” and straight away dropped to the floor. A group of guards came spotted him and a fight erupted. Pash dropped down to the floor falling flat on his face. Sasha started supporting firing from the vent. When all of the guards were killed the three of them took stock of the crates. 41-Vex started loading up a nearby speeder truck. They were mostly an assortment of small arms. Sasha found a crate of arms to be delivered to Kaa’to Leeachos in a NovaCORE processing plant in Sector 943. They left the warehouse by the open cargo dock. Pash convincing the security guard that he belonged there. They took the stolen goods to the Frayt Krang.

The trio flew the speeder truck on to the NovaCORE processing plant. The three of them entered, only to be chased out by a Mustafarian administrator. Sasha snuck in and started snooping around. She found a secret door that was wired with explosives. She let Pash and 41-Vex know about it and they crept in too. 41-Vex disabled the explosive charge and pocketed it for himself. The crept into the disused section of the facility. They found a set of stairs that was rigged to blow if the stepped on the certain steps. Pash crept up the steps and opened the door. Kaa’to was waiting on the other side and shot pash with a blaster pistol, before jumping out the window. Sasha and 41-Vex ran to shattered window and opened fire on the falling Kaa’to. It was then that the jet pack attached to Kaa’to fired up. He flew right up to Sasha and pulled her out of the window and flew toward the molten kelerium. 41-Vex fired another shot, striking the Nikto. He dropped Sasha but kept flying towards the molten kelerium. Sasha got to the balcony first with enough time to see the Nikto’s blaster sink into the kelerium. After a quick search 41-Vex assumed that he got away.

The trio returned to Chopper and collected their much smaller reward. They flew of the Imperial Center. 41-Vex contacted Ota to see if he knew of anyone that would want to buy a shipment of arms. Ota lets them know on their way that he has found a buyer, Mu Namb. He gave them a place to exchange the goods on Ryloth. They flew straight their and met with the smuggler Han Solo and his Wookie companion Chewbacca. Using the funds from the arms deal Pash paid of Bargos with some left over.



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