Human Technician


In a different life, Mathus would have been a successful research engineer at a major
corporation headquartered in the Core Worlds. In this life, Mathus grew up hard
on the streets of Anchorhead on Tatooine. Orphaned at a young age, Mathus was
burdened with a powerful intellect and no useful way to apply it. He slid into a life of
thuggery and crime, until one fateful day when he attempted to rob a shop belonging
to an old Rodian mechanic named Honwoo. Honwoo made no particular attempt to
resist, but seeing young Mathus’s fascination with a partially-stripped machine on
his workbench, offered to teach the young human how it worked. Six hours later,
Mathus’s friends came by to see what had gone wrong and found him covered in
machine oil, helping to repair a repulsorlift array.

Over the next few years, Honwoo taught Mathus the ins and outs of every
machine that came through his repair shop. With no formal education, Mathus
developed an unorthodox but effective approach that relied heavily on trial
and error. He also found that he enjoyed tinkering and repurposing existing
machines, turning them to a new purpose. For example, his customized shock
gloves began life as power converters.

Most of Honwoo’s business had to do with the repair, maintenance, and
reprogramming of Tatooine’s limited supply of droids. As a consequence, Mathus
became a droid expert. His skills eventually came to the attention of a Hutt named
Teemo, and Mathus was offered an impressive sum of credits to make his skills
available at Teemo’s Mos Shuuta complex. Since his arrival in Mos Shuuta, Mathus
has regretted his decision. The project Teemo has him working on is completely
unsuited to his skills: Mathus’ experience gives him the skills necessary to repair
busted old battle droids, but he completely lacks the education to develope a
scematic based on their design. And when Mathus attempted to leave, Teemo
hinted that something bad might happen to Honwoo if he did…

Fed up and backed into a corner, Mathus has decided to make a break for it.
First, he introduced some new code into one of Teemo’s droids, 41-VEX, to
encourage the droid to try to escape, too. Then, he struck up a friendship with
a scout named Sasha, intending to pool their resources and get off Tatooine…


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