Edge of the Empire

Time to Prosper
Building business interests
Beyond the Rim
The search for the Sa Nalaor
Meeting of the Hutts
One night at the Wheel

Returning home from Formos, Pash, 41-Vex, and Sasha with their new friend R4-W9 were greeted with a mess. There was what looked to be explosive damage as well as damage form blaster pistols. In the center pit the four of them saw Trex kneeling over the body of Lowhhrick. Trex had is arm raised and brought it down in a stabbing motion before anyone could react. Pash quickley drew his blaster and shot Trex in the back.

The four of them moved down to Lowhhrick and Trex. 41-Vex noticed that it was a stimpack in Trex’s hand. He treeated both of them both. Lowhhrick could really remember what happened, only an explosion behind him. Trex knew more although was unhappy he was shot said “That pig jumped the Wookiee. When Trex come in, Trex attack. No Nikto is going to banish Trex to abandonment in afterlife. Trex even try to save Wookiee, and what thanks Trex get? Trex shot in the back by Wookiee lovers.” He glared at Pash, later telling 41-Vex that he would “Trex not letting anyone else kill Wookiee. When Jabba lets Trex, Trex kill the Wookiee Lowhhrick. Trex will use the thief human’s ribs to pick Wookiee flesh from Trex teeth”.

They were stilling helping Lowhhrick when Jabba and his cohorts arrived, which included a Mandalorian that seemed to be staring at each of them. He was pleased to see that they hadn’t killed each other but not so happy that they weren’t keeping the place clean. He invited them to attend his cousin Thakba the Hutt’s opening night gala for a new casino on The Wheel. He also expected them to make at least 100,000cr worth of bets. He would allow them to use his line of credit but it would be at a cost of 40% of their winnings. Before he left he told them that they should see if they can do any work for the other Hutts there as he would consider it working for him.

When Jabba left Anatta stayed behind to say hello. With a few credits he told Sasha who was expected to attend. Along with Jabba and Thackba there was supposed to be one other Hutt, Bargos. The arms dealing Duke Piddock, and some people from his party Maru Jakkar and Mu Namb from the Rebel Alliance. The mysterious Ota and the head of IsoTech, Roem. From the Imperial Navy Commander Herkin. The Black Sun was expected to show in the form of a new Vigo, Verannis. Although there would be hundreds of otehrs, these were the main ones.

When Anatta left 41-Vex showed R4-W9 around. When they were at the entrance a messenger droid gave him a letter addressed to Pash, that smelled of perfume and was sealed with a kiss. He opened and read it before taking to Pash, who wasn’t happy about the droid opening his mail. It took him a while but he eventually guessed it may have been from Maru Jakkar. The letter contained the following message:

“My Darling,
It has been too long since we have seen one another. Not since you left me to go to Coruscant. I thought it might be nice to meet up again. I will let you know what I have been up to. I have been working with your friends. And now I am in the beautiful Cloud City on Bespin. Have you ever been here? Some friends of yours are here, although they don’t look to friendly.

The city is so beautiful, you should see the way it drifts through the clouds. The tibanna gas really makes the sunset seem so romantic. If only you were here…

I have met the most wonderful man here, I think you would like him. When I told you about him, he wanted to meet you. He may even have a job for you. Wouldn’t that be exciting, you working so close to me? Anyway you at least come and meet him. I will be waiting for you in the Royal Casino. There is a high roller Sabacc game in two days. I will be there, waiting for you in that red dress you loved so much.


The five of them flew of to Cloud City on Bespin. They were directed to one of the top floors. When they landed they were met by a security detachment that escorted them to a top floor penthouse. There they saw Maru and the most charming man in the galaxy, Lando Calrisian. After a brief introduction, and a little flirting with Sasha, Lando outlined a problem that he was having although he skirted around actually saying what the problem was. He then asked them to make this problem relocate.

Maru led them to a private booth in a quiet cantina and explained some more. There was a Black Sun spice smuggling point on level 157 just above some Tibana tanks on 158. Lando wants the Black Sun to go somewhere else and doesn’t really care where. Maru knew that a freighter was due in to take away a recent shipment. Having something happen to the shipment would be enough to stop the Black Sun temporarily, but to make it permanent they would need to show that it was an enemy of the Black Sun that was responsible. They came up with a plan of landing on the other freighter and pinning it to the landing pad. They also asked Maru to cut the power when the ship arrived to disable any defenses. Sasha scouted out the area and found that there were six security droids there.

When the time came they flew in. 41-Vex had given out some of his mini thermal detonators. Lowhhrick and 41-Vex jumped down and started toward the security droids. 41-Vex threw a mini thermal detonator and took them all out. Two groups of Black Sun thugs started coming out of the warehouse. Lowhhrick moved in to take them while Sasha started sniping at the others, and was later joined by Pash. They could hear orders coming over the PA which was followed by an explosion from the office above. While Lowhhrick slugged it out with the guys trying to take him, Sasha spotted the Nikto running in the office. Another group of guys started coming down the ramp from the office, while she took a shot at the leader cowering in the office. 41-Vex threw another mini thermal detonator at a the now 6 guys coming out of a warehouse, killing them all. Only for him to spot another mini thermal detonator land at his feat. Quick reflexes saved his life but two of his arms were disintegrated leaving him shut down and helpless. Sasha spotted the Nikto, Kaa’to Leeachos drop down a grate and guessed that he would be heading for the Tibana tanks. Pash spotted the pilot of the other frighter up in the top turret lining up Sasha. He quickly tossed a mini thermal detonator over there, destroying the turret and half of the top of the ship. Pash jumped into the Frayt Krang taking off with Sasha jumping onto the guns. She opened fire on the office reducing it to molten slag. She opened fire on the last of the thugs after Lowhhrick got clear. Lowhhrick go to 41-Vex and helped get the fallen droid on to the ship. He took the droids hand scanner and set it to monitor the tanks below. Pash checked out the other ship while Sasha and Lowhhrick started stealing the spice. On their third crate the hand scanner started going off, there was an explosive charge ready to blow. They ran for the ship calling to Pash as they went. Pash couldn’t get the other ship going so ran for his own. After a suggestion from Lowhhrick he attempted to use the magnetic clamps to capture the other ship, however the exploding tanks made it difficult to fly and the landing platform gave way before he could get into position. The Wrohsyr Leaf fell toward the center of the gas giant.

Lowhhrick helped to patch up 41-Vex, and they all agreed on one thing, it was time to leave. They contacted Maru and she told them that she would get their credits to them on the Wheel. She also told them that they had been successful in getting the Black Sun to permanently relocate.

As the time for the casno opening was approaching, they headed toward the Wheel. On arrival they were asked to check their weapons, which they did right after Boba Fett. Heading in they saw how opulent the casino was. They spotted Jabba, Bargos and who they assumed was Thackba all sitting at a Sabacc table.

Trouble Brewing

In the early hours of the morning in the palace in Mos Shuuta on Tatooine only 41-Vex and Captain Trex were awake and moving about. Trex was getting a delivery of something when 41-Vex offered help. With that there was a ringing at the front door. Trex rudely told 41-Vex to go and answer it.

At the front were two Imperial Stormtroopers. They demanded to see the captain of the Frayt Krang. 41-Vex went and woke Pash up, who came to the door. The Stormtroopers offered Pash 10,000cr to take them to Formos. Pash agreed. They woke Sasha and headed to the loading ramp. The Stormtroopers refused to pay half upfront. Which resulted in a stand off between between the two Stormtroopers and 41-Vex. Pash calmed 41-Vex down and agreed to collect the funds when they arrive.

Once they were in orbit, Pash went to speak to the Stormtroopers. The way to Formos would be straight through an Imperial Checkpoint. The Stormtroopers, told them they shouldn’t have to worry if as long as they were not holding any contraband but the process could take time. Pash decided that it would be better to take the Kessel Run. With Sasha navigating and 41-Vex having to repair the ship, Pash eventually flew the Kessel Run a very slow trip though.

On arriving at Formos they were greeted by another six Stormtroopers. The lead trooper said he was taking these two deserters into custody. The two Stormtroopers went quietly and easily. Pash asked for a reward but was told that there wasn’t one. The eight Stormtroopers boarded a Lambda class shuttle, which took off moments later.

The trio decided to make the trip worth their while and started looking around. 41-Vex wanted to find a doctor that he could get to work in Mos Shuuta. However, this place was a hive for smugglers and scoundrels. It didn’t take long for the crew to spot some smuggling activity. 41-Vex headed of one way to look for a doctor, Pash went another way to find a cantina. Sasha eventually decided to shadow Pash.

Pash walked past a dark alley near a cantina and heard a buzzing and a call for help. He went to check it out. He found a 3PO protocol droid, J9-B8 broken and dumped in the trash. With the hos last few moments the droid asked Pash to find R4-W9. When Pash closed the trash compactor, Sasha came up behind him. She asked what he was doing and he showed her the discarded droid. They headed into the cantina.

41-Vex was having no luck finding a doctor. He did wander across a water seller that was being harassed by a thug trying to extort on behalf of a ‘Big Man’. He offered the water seller 35cr to get rid of the thug, which he happily did.

Back in the cantina, there was a wanted poster for an aqualish called Bandon Dobah. Pash tried to find out anything about smuggling activities in the area. It seemed as though nobody want to talk about it though. Eventually a devaronian asked Pash to meet him in a quiet room. The devaronian turned out to be an information broker. He told Pash a little bit about Dobah. He runs all of the smuggling activity around Formos. He aslo has a bounty on his head from none other than Thakba the Hutt. Lastly, a rodian bounty hunter recently went after him but he was never heard from again.

Pash wasn’t pleased with this information so he left the booth. As he came out, a very attractive rodian woman walked into the Cantina, followed by 41-Vex. Both headed to the bar while Sasha watched the Jatz player. A few moments later two humans a weequay entered the cantina. A general hush came over the cantina, even the Jatz player missed a few notes. They headed over to the bar. One of them noticed the rodian woman, and quiet sleazily sidled over to her. 41-Vex noticed that she didn’t look comfortable with attention intervened. Eventually the man got tired of the annoyingly polite droid. He and his companions left the cantina.

41-Vex invited the girl to join them at Sasha’s table. She agreed. She told them her name was Zanatta and that she was out here to do research for a new atlas that will be used by rodians, particularly rodian bounty hunters. She told them that there was supposed to be a droid on the planet with good information on the Kessel run. She would really like to find it, an astromech droid called R4-W9. It was then that Sasha and Pash noticed a toydarian fluttering nearby that seemed to be eavesdropping. 41-Vex stood up, and the toydarian fluttered out the door. 41-Vex followed, as did Sasha only more discretely. Pash stayed behind to talk to Zanatta.

The toydarian flew home, knowing that the 41-Vex was following him. Once he got there 41-Vex returned to the cantina. Half an hour later Sasha saw the toydarian leave the house. She followed him to a warehouse where she overheard him selling them out to the three men from before. She headed back to the cantina. In the meantime Pash found out from Zanatta, that the missing bounty hunter’s clan would be worried about him. Although she denied it, he guessed that she might be related to the bounty hunter. When Sasha got there and told them all about the toydarian, 41-Vex decided he wanted to see the broken droid. Sasha took him out toward the door, Pash valiantly decided to stay behind to protect Zanatta.

Sasha and 41-Vex got to the door of the cantina and then saw the three men and some of their companions setting up in hiding places. One of them was on a roof with a heavy repeating blaster. The leader spoke up demanding that the three of them through down there weapons and surrender. The two of them jumped back inside as the repeating blaster opened fire overhead. 41-Vex through grenades while Sasha fired on the leader. Pash arrived and decided to get some cover outside, unfortunately getting cut down by the repeating blaster. with so many shots striking the door, a large section of duracrete collapsed creating a dust cloud right over 41-Vex and Sasha. Anotehr shot hit the bar behind them causing a small yet deafening explosion. Sasha took down the leader as 41-Vex was taken out by the repeating blaster. The rattle from the heavy weapon shook the gunner of the building he was on though. Sasha had to take a couple of stim packs before she opened fire twice more killing the last two assailants. Sasha moved to give Pash a stim pack before picking up the pieces that had been 41-Vex. Pash grabbed the backpak the leader held before helping Sasha get 41-Vex to the ship.

After a few hours Pash had managed to repair their doctor. Once the docotr was somewhat functional, he managed to repair himself and heal his companions. In the bag they found a restraining bolt remover and a set of keys. Sash realised that she knew where the hideout was and led the others there. They opened the door and found R4-W9. After they freed him from the restraining bolt and looted the cupboards, they found out that he wanted to take revenge on the culprit, Bandon Dobah. He agreed to give Zanatta, the information for the 2,000cr she offered. 41-Vex offered for the astromech to join them on the Frayt Krang, which he agreed as long as the took down Dobah. Sasha found that a nearby set of coordinates had been downloaded into the droid.

The four of them set out for the coordinates. R4-W9 guided them as close as he could and pointed out a large hollowed out asteroid that was the likely base of operations for Dobah. Sasha got the scanners going as Pash boarded the Blade’s Edge. She found that there was an orbiting sentry droid that would need to be taken out first. Or another vessel that was powered up on standby would join the fight. She found life signs in several caverns and another energy signature of another ship. Pash aboard the Blade’s Edge and Sasha took control of the dorsal turret and R4-W9 took the controls of the Frayt Krang. The flew past the orbiting sentry and took it out quickley. They headed down to the second energy signature, the one that wasn’t idling.

They flew through a pressure curtain and found a ship. There appeared to be no one expecting them. Pash stayed in the headhunter while Sash and 41-Vex set themselves up outside. Pash called over the comm to the other ship and saw someone moving in the cockpit. One of the turrets started to move which he took out. Another started to move so he opened fire on the cockpit but not before taking a shot from the ship which forced him to land. Five men including the Aqualich Dobah and the rodian came out of the ship. 41-Vex made light work of the humans while Sasha opened fire on Dobah. Once Pash got out of the cockpit he managed to convince the Rodian to help them. It was the rodian that shot and killed Dobah.

The rodian, Godan Nekatta and the crew decided that he would take Dobah’s ship and would go back o see his sister, Zanatta. Pash suggested that he also take the bounty, since it was Godan that got the kill and 41-Vex just wanted a souvenir. While the crew would take the two containers of spice that were rigged to blow, once 41-Vex disabled them. R4-W9 took up the offer to join the crew of the Frayt Krang.

Under the Shadow of a Black Sun
Making friends in low places

With the crew of the Frayt Krang in desperate need of credits Pash found that he had a text message from Maru Jakkar. It said that she had a job for him that could earn him up to 20,000cr for him and his team. He replied that they were on their way.

A brief encounter with Maru Jakkar and a stop over on Tatooine, to drop Lowhhrick. They were given a task of tracking down a stolen spice shipment from the Pykes Family and bring the culprit to justice. The crew then found themselves on the Imperial Centre. In the darkest depths of the undercity. They had just broken in to a Black Sun headquarters and hacked into one of their secure computers when the alarm began to wail. They had to escape quickly. They busted out onto the nearest platform out into the bustling city. The spotted some Black Sun thugs approaching them. There was a speeder taxi parked near by waiting for a fare.

Sasha, Pash and 41-Vex quickly jumped into the speeder taxi. The taxi took off under heavy blaster fire. The driving droid’s head exploded from a lucky shot. Pash jumped to the controls and brought the speeder toward the busy skylanes. 41-Vex drew his blaster to take a shot at the Black Sun thugs that had mounted speeder bikes. He hesitated, fearing that a stray shot will strike an innocent bystander. Instead Pash steered into the traffic and down an ally. He took a nose dive and ducked under a bridge. Sasha pointed out a vent that Pash dove into. At a junction he turned into a junction on the right and shut down the speeder. They played it quiet as the thugs flew past.

A message to Maru Jakkar resulted in them getting instructions to meet with a contact called Chopper at small speeder shop in quadrant L-42. They flew straight there and met with the Besalisk Chopper. The trio handed Chopper the data file for decryption. Chopper decrypted the file and found that the spice thief was a Nikto bounty hunter called Kaa’to Leeachos. Chopper had heard of the Kaa’to and that he usually hangs out at the Umbra Club, Spyder or Zelcomm Tower. The trio decided to head to the Umbra Club first.
The dingy cantina that is the Umbra Club was busy at the time of night. The trio went up to the Gotal bartender. Pash found out that from the bartender that Kaa’to frequented the cantina and that he often meet with a deathstick dealer called Speng.

Speng was in one of the private booths with a customer. After a while the customer came out of the booth. Pash left it a few minutes before heading over to the booth. He knocked and announced himself before he went in. After a brief encounter with the man, Pash came out knowing that Kaa’to frequents the sabacc table’s over at the Spyder club and a crate of deathsticks.

Pash led the way over to the Spyder club. The club was much like the any other sabacc parlor across the universe. The trio kept a lookout for Kaa’to. Sasha eventually found her way to a sabacc table with a Male Falleen playing. She quickly found out that the Falleen was a member of the Black Sun. After Sasha won a few pots, the Falleen tired of loosing his money and left the table along with the majority of it’s players.

Realising that the Nikto was not going to show tonight the trio decided to make their way to Zelcomm Tower. As they headed toward the parked speeder taxi a swoop bike came up past them. The Nikto rider took a single shot a Pash. The shot hit the side of the building next to them and swoop bike took off. They quickly worked out that the Nikto that just attacked them was Kaa’to.

Zelcomm Tower had a little bit of activity happening when the trio arrived. A shuttle took off from one of the upper decks. Sasha spotted a vent and the three of them decided to crawl through the vents. The found that vents led to a spot over looking a security guard at a monitoring station. Another spot was overlooking a warehouse that was bustling with activity. 41-Vex noticed a crate labelled “Mini Thermal Detonators” and straight away dropped to the floor. A group of guards came spotted him and a fight erupted. Pash dropped down to the floor falling flat on his face. Sasha started supporting firing from the vent. When all of the guards were killed the three of them took stock of the crates. 41-Vex started loading up a nearby speeder truck. They were mostly an assortment of small arms. Sasha found a crate of arms to be delivered to Kaa’to Leeachos in a NovaCORE processing plant in Sector 943. They left the warehouse by the open cargo dock. Pash convincing the security guard that he belonged there. They took the stolen goods to the Frayt Krang.

The trio flew the speeder truck on to the NovaCORE processing plant. The three of them entered, only to be chased out by a Mustafarian administrator. Sasha snuck in and started snooping around. She found a secret door that was wired with explosives. She let Pash and 41-Vex know about it and they crept in too. 41-Vex disabled the explosive charge and pocketed it for himself. The crept into the disused section of the facility. They found a set of stairs that was rigged to blow if the stepped on the certain steps. Pash crept up the steps and opened the door. Kaa’to was waiting on the other side and shot pash with a blaster pistol, before jumping out the window. Sasha and 41-Vex ran to shattered window and opened fire on the falling Kaa’to. It was then that the jet pack attached to Kaa’to fired up. He flew right up to Sasha and pulled her out of the window and flew toward the molten kelerium. 41-Vex fired another shot, striking the Nikto. He dropped Sasha but kept flying towards the molten kelerium. Sasha got to the balcony first with enough time to see the Nikto’s blaster sink into the kelerium. After a quick search 41-Vex assumed that he got away.

The trio returned to Chopper and collected their much smaller reward. They flew of the Imperial Center. 41-Vex contacted Ota to see if he knew of anyone that would want to buy a shipment of arms. Ota lets them know on their way that he has found a buyer, Mu Namb. He gave them a place to exchange the goods on Ryloth. They flew straight their and met with the smuggler Han Solo and his Wookie companion Chewbacca. Using the funds from the arms deal Pash paid of Bargos with some left over.

Debts to Pay
Into the Mines

Jabba the Hutt sent the crew of the Frayt Krang to the planet Arkanis to meet with his associate Bargos the Hutt.

The crew were met at first with Bargos’ Toydarian majordomo, Genko. They were brought out in front of the Hutt. Bargos told them of a newly acquired venture, a share in an oridium mine on Gavros. He wants the crew to fly and take stock of the mine. But mainly he wants to pick up his first years cut of 100,000cr. The crew agree and set out.

Arriving in orbit around Gavros Sasha and 41-Vex scan the planet. They find no clear signs of life, just faint ones that would suggest that the miners are underground. They also pick up on the large toxic dust storm heading that way. Fortunately, the facility appears to have generators to prevent the toxic storm harming anyone.

The Frayt Krang lands on the main platform and are greeted by… no one. They move along the ramp to the main door expecting to be greeted inside. The door opens and they enter the reception area and area and are greeted by… no one. They opened the door to reception office, this time they found something. A mysterious stain on the floor and blaster fire on the transpaisteel windows.

Returning to the reception they went to the door to the canteen. Forcing it open they found four dead humans and a chef droid. The humans were all killed by blaster fire. Talking to the droid called Chef, they quickly realised that he had no idea what was going on and that he was not the most intelligent of droids. Whilst they tried to explain to the droid about the four dead humans, Chef continued to make the dead humans food and serve them. He also offered food to Pash, calling him Marv instead.

With a dead end here the crew returned to the reception area and forced their way into the staff corridor. They investigated the three refreshers here finding a Trandoshan sitting on one of them. He was also killed by blaster fire. 41-Vex quickly pointed out that the Trandoshan blood matched the mysterious fluid in the reception office.

They moved on to the Rec Room. Here they found nothing out of place. The only thing that most of them didn’t like was a large poster of a scantily clad Trandoshan. 41-Vex must have liked it since he took it for himself. They continued search the staff quarters finding nothing out of place. Until they searched the chief’s quarters. Pash went of by himself to investigate the mine office.

In the chief’s quarters Sasha and 41-Vex found a droid that had been shut of and had a restraining bolt attached to it. 41-Vex removed the bolt and Sasha turned the droid on again. The droid told them the he was 3D-4K and he was the administrator droid. He knew nothing of what had happened and believed he had only been shut down for about 2 hours. The last thing he recalled was going to meet with the supervisor droid EV-8D3.

With 3D-4K in tow, Sasha, 41-Vex and Lowhhrick headed to meet up with Pash in the office. There they found the human looking through old invoices right next to a safe. Which unbeknownst to them he had tried and failed to break into. The nearby computer was on but no access at the time. Pash had also failed to hack into the computer. 41-Vex asked if 3D-4K could give him access to the security cameras. Which the administrator agreed to.

As the security cameras came up, a prerecorded warning over the PA system announcing that shield generator IV had gone down. 3D-4K assured the crew that it was fine and only if five generators went down would there be a problem.

The crew watched the security cameras. The first camera showed the Trandoshan run into the reception office before being gunned down by blaster fire. The assailant could not be seen. The second camera showed a ship landing on the second platform. A Sullustan pilot came out and was greated by a supervisor droid, that 3D-4K told them was EV-8D3. The two walked onto the ship but the security camera went down. A third camera showed a group of twelve miners heading down into the mine. The final camera showed a cloud car leaving the main platform about half an hour before the arrival of the Frayt Krang.

With 3D-4K worried about the safety of the miners , the crew headed into the prep room. Here they met a medical droid. The droid seemed to know nothing but kept offering Pash medical assistance. Although they were surprised that the droid had only a limited AI they knew it wasn’t going to be too useful. The crew continued in the cargo area.

Here the crew found mostly crates and two large shut down loadlifters. Pash wanted to head up to the second landing pad but Lowhhrick found a little R2 unit. With 41-Vex coming around to translate. They found R2-B7 to be neither helpful or friendly. The others watched on as an exchange of beeps and boops between 41-Vex and R2-B7 turned to violent shoving. Eventually, 41-Vex let the little droid go. The crew headed up to the second landing platform.

Opening out onto the platform they found the transport ship from the security camera still sitting there. Looking around they found a human that had crawled while wounded to a hiding place behind some crates where he succumbed to his stab wounds. A quick search of the ship and they found the Sullustan pilot also dead, killed by a blaster. Lowhhrick decided to lock this ship down to prevent it going anywhere.

The crew and 3D-4K headed back down into the facility and quickly found the workshop. Here 41-Vex found a human female submerged in an oil bath. He also found seven packets of unopened restraining bolts and some opened ones. Here they heard another warning over the PA, that Shield Generator V had shut down. 3D-4K was starting to worry about the miners. The crew moved on.

At the mine entrance they met EV-8D3, who also had six unarmed B1 battle droids, R2-B7 and another two droids. EV-8D3 told them that they were raided by pirates that killed all of the sentients up top and then headed down into the mine to finish of the last of the miners down below. 41-Vex did not trust the supervisor droid and wanted to attach restraining bolts to him. Eventually, with the worrying of 3D-4K that they would take the cars down into the mines. EV-8D3 told them that they, including the battle droids were useless in the coming combat because they were unarmed and had no combat subroutines. But he believed the miners would make a stand at the waypoint, not too far in.

The crew headed down into the mine with 3D-4K. Arriving at the way point they thought that they should exercise caution. They spotted a barricade built inside. Assuming that it was the miners inside the sent 3D-4K in first. After a brief burst of blaster fire, the head of 3D-4K came rolling out. 41-Vex announced that he knew it. That the droids were the ones that killed everyone. Pash called out telling the people inside that they were not droids and then took a leap of faith stepping into the open. The miners seemed relieved. Pash told them that 41-Vex was on their side and they let the droid come in too. The leader, Marv told them that they had gotten a message about the droids going crazy. Just then another warning over the loudspeaker, Shield Generator VI had gone down. The miners were looking worried. Marv said that they needed to get out of their soon.

The crew headed back, promising to send the mine car back. Taking positions to take out the droids the crew got ready. When the car came to a stop they saw what they had feared. The droids were now armed and taking up defensive positions. 41-Vex threw a grenade destroying three of the B1’s. Lowhhrick charged another group of battle droids. Pash took pot shots at the same droids while Sasha targeted EV-8D3. The droids closed in on Lowhhrick, including R2-B7 hwo took to using a welding torch. Lowhhrick ignored them and decided on taking out the leader EV-8D3. After the leader wetn down to the vibroaxe of Lowhhrick the last of the droids had been destroyed by the others except for R2-B7 which took off. Pash gave chase going through the workshop and into the cargo area. The others followed. Inside they found the medical droid that offered medical assistance. 41-Vex jumped at the droid and attached a restraining bolt. Sasha charged of after the astromech but was stopped when a load lifted hit her hard. The other loadlifter pinned Pash to the ground, knocking him unconscious. 41-Vex, Sasha and Lowhhrick managed to destroy the loadlifter that kept trying to hit them. The Lowhhrick jumped on top of the other loadlifter attacking it from the top. The second loadlifter did nothing but keep Pash pinned to the ground.

The crew moved onlooking for the droid. 41-Vex wanted to checkout the other platform as Lowhhrick threw Pash over his shoulder. Another warning, Shield Generator VII went down. They decided to head to their ship and go out and destroying whatever was destroy the shield generators. They got to the ship. Sasha took the controls and made for Shield Generator VIII. Lowhhrick took to the Ventral lasercannon. They saw the cloud car when they approached the generator. With a quick burst of laser fire the cloud car exploaded and was left exposed to the harsh atmosphere. The crew returned to the mining facility.

They were met with a grateful Marv. 41-Vex and Pash told them about Bargos and his request for credits. They came to an agreement where they would take just 20,000cr and would let the miners rebuild. The miners said that they would find the droid and destroy him. The crew took their credits and headed to their ship.

In orbit they contacted Genko. Who eventually put them through to Bargos. When Pash told him that a pirate attack had occurred and the funds had been stolen, Bargos did not believe it for a second. They came to an agreement that Pash and the crew of the Frayt Krang would recover the credits and get them to Bargos. And they would do it now.

The Long Arm of the Hutt
The Wrath of Teemo the Hutt

The crew of the Krayt Fang drop out of hyperspace a few minutes after their flight from Tatooine. With no time to relax after their narrow escape they notice some problems aboard their new ship. There is klaxon blaring and a sound of deep grunting noises. On top of this there is a terribly foul smell that Lowhhrick finds really sickening. Pash is having trouble with several icons flashing on the touchscreen controls in front of him, along with an irritating pop up in Trandoshan script. One of these is clearly a low fuel warning. The other two are a small crescent moon or a fang and a simplified cage.

First up Sasha disabled the grunting noise that she discovered was a Gamorean Opera. She then moved on to disable the klaxon, which she worked out that it was a low fuel warning. Oskara and Mathus tried to find the source of the smell. They couldn’t find it. As Sasha found a Trandoshan translation program in the computer to read the intermittent popup, 41-Vex found a Twi’lek prisoner aboard the ship. He had pale blue skin and a single long, thin lekku coiling from the right side of his head. Where the left lekku would be is an ugly cauterized stump. The script read: ‘Delivery notice: Cargo destined for TEEMO still on board. Cargo type: WOOKIEE SKINS. Cargo location: MAIN CARGO BAY.’ They quickly worked out that the prisoner was the cargo for Teemo. Lowhhrick stormed off to the main hold. He found the hidden compartment and proceeded to give his fallen kin a proper send off.

Pressing the crescent moon another Trandoshan text pops up saying ‘transponder operational. Receiving signal: Teemo, Mos Shuuta, Tatooine’ along with a series of numbers that update every five seconds. Sasha and Pash quickly work out that the numbers are a transponder transmitting their coordinates to Teemo. They tell Mathus who tried to find the source.

Pash pressed the cage button another Trandoshan script pops up ‘ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Captive militant B’URA B’AN still on board. RECOMMENDED RESPONSE: Return to Mos Shuuta and collect bounty immediately. LAST FED: 6 hours ago. LAST REFRESHED: 8 hours ago.’ 41-Vex freed the prisoner B’ura B’an and heard his tale. He told 41-Vex of the threat that his town of New Meen. A group of thugs have started to muscle in their Ryl mine. He believes that the group of thugs is being controlled by a powerful offworld organisation. B’ura B’an offers the crew fuel and repairs if they can get him back to Ryloth.

41-Vex went on to find a piece of chitten in another cage. He worked out that it was a belonged to insect, Gand, Geonosian, or Verpine he couldn’t tell. But guessed that the pattern on it could identify the original owner of the chitten.

Sasha looked into the navicomputer to see what possible destinations lay in range. There were only a few planets in the navicomputer that were close enough to travel to with the fuel. Only Tatooine, Christophsis, Geonosis, Ryloth, Trandosha and Kashyyyk were even up to date enough to travel too. The closest were Geonosis, Christophsis and Ryloth. The crew decide that returning B’ura B’an to Ryloth is the best course of action.

The Krayt Fang dropped out of hyperspace near Ryloth. They turned toward the planet as another ship dropped out of hyperspace. The small fighter, a G1-M4-C Dunelizard, turned toward the stolen freighter. The fighter opens fire on the freighter. Lowhhrick takes to the ventral cannon while Pash tries to outmaneuver the small fighter. After a couple of passes causing severe damage to the Fang, Lowhhrick manages to shoot down the hostile fighter. The fighter falls toward the planet and crashes somewhere on the planet.

The Krayt Fang landed on a small platform in the city of Nabat. Mathus wanted to get some repairs done to the ship and B’ura B’an offer to let him have some help from some trusted mechanics. Oskara said she would catch up with the others later, she wanted to visit some old friends before they left her homeworld. B’ura B’an offers to have the ships transponders changed to call the Krayt Fang something else and add them as legitimate owners. Lowhhrick immediately suggested the Frayt Krang and that he would own it. When the others did not disagree Lowhhrick owned the ship. 41-Vex stopped to buy himself a leather jacket as B’ura B’an led them through the streets of Nabat until the found themselves in a militia safehouse run by Nyn Kablo.

After a private discussion with B’ura B’an, Nyn came to the four adventurers and made them an offer. She asked them to help get B’ura B’an back to the Ryl mine at New Meen and possibly deal with the thugs that she believes was sent by Teemo the Hutt, putting a stop to his Ryl production. In return she would try and find a way to strike back at Teemo. They agreed, however they would need to wait until morning before she could get them a speeder. The group accepted asking for no further reward. In return Pash offer to share his bed with her, which she accepted.

The next day saw the quartet along with B’ura B’an leaving Nabat in a speeder bound for Nabat. On the way they were shot at from a cave, this caused their speeder to crash. Straight away a human ordered them to lower their weapons as they were being arrested by the Empire. Pash quickly realised that the Empire wasn’t a shoot first and ask questions later kind of organisation realised it was a trap, so they opened fire on what turned out to be a group of bounty hunters led by none other than Captain Trex. Lowhhrick charged up the slope and decapitating a bounty hunter before seeing Trex. Sasha killed another while the others gave cover fire. One of the bounty hunters shot Lowhhrick in the hand, damaging most of the nerves and leaving it of little use. This gave the bounty hunters a chance to flee further into the cave.

Once the adventurers dug the speeder out they looked for another way into the cave. They found the speeder used by the bounty hunters at a second entrance. Lowhhrick led the way into the cave in the darkness. They found the last of the bounty hunters behind a small rock wall. Once again Lowhhrick charged the slope killing a bounty hunter while the others gave cover fire. The fighting attracted a Lylek. Lowhhrick beat down on Trex who ended up directly beneath the beast. The last bounty hunter fled the beast and the savage thieves. Lowhhrick shot once last time at Trex before leaving him to become dinner for the beast. The group took both speeders and traveled on to New Meen.

Arriving at New Meen, they were welcomed with open arms for those that brought back B’ura B’an. They quickly learnt about the thugs settled a little way to the north. They immediately decided to pay the thugs a visit. They set out in the bounty hunters speeder, in order to just stroll into the settlement. En route, Sasha wondered if they would now have a bounty on their heads.

They arrived at the settlement finding a prefab living quarters, a cantina and five big heavy mining vehicles. There was a group of thugs milling about out the front of the cantina and another group near the mining equipment. Pash flew the speeder right up to the front of the cantina and immediately got out and tried to convince the group that he was it’s rightful owner. Although he had some success, an Aqualish fired at him hitting the car. Pash returned fire as Lowhhrick got out an immediately rushed the group. Sasha and 41-Vex use supporting fir to take another thug out. Lowhhrick didn’t try to kill them all but was just too strong, killing a man by pinning him up against a wall. The last of the group fled into the cantina while the other thugs near the mining equipment moved in. Pash suggested that they get out of their. Sasha and Lowhhrick managed to blast two of them before they got back in the speeder. Pash attempted to run down the remaining thugs in the street, but they ducked under the repulsors.

After they got out of sight of the settlement site, they circled around to make it look they came from the other direction. They waited until they thought that the thugs would have relaxed not expecting another attack. By the time they got back the settlement was empty and two of the mining machines were missing. Sasha decided to level the place with one of the remaining machines while Lowhhrick, Pash and 41-Vex took the speeder and headed to New Meen.

By the time they got to New Meen, the place had been flattened. The two mining machines kept crushing the debris while the mounted thugs shooting randomly into the still confused crowd. The team lept into action with pash getting close to one of the machines and letting Lowhhrick jump on to it. Pash then headed to other machine while 41-Vex shot at the thugs on top of it. Pash attempted to scrape along the side of the machine, taking out a thug. But he misjudged and an articulated arm came around smashing the speeder into the side of the machine and forcing it to ditch. 41-Vex and Pash got out and opened fire onto the thugs on top. While the machine attempted to drive over the droid, Pash jumped onto a ladder and started to climb to the top. Lowhhrick had by this time killed the three thugs on top of the other machine. He now turned to the driver, the man that had previously escaped into the cantina and motioned for him to shut it down. He complied instantly. When Lowhhrick extracted the man, the cockpit reeked of excriment and urine. Lowhhrick had scared him so much that he was happy to do whatever the wookiee asked. The other machine, now with no thugs on top and Pash on the side ladder turned to escape. Pash got to the top. He tapped on the window to the door with his blaster. The driver and boss of the group, opened the door and shot Pash in the shoulder, a glancing wound but he fell over the rail and onto the hard ground below. Pash got up and boarded the machine again. This time he just shot the man in the head, ending the threat of the thugs. During all of this time Sasha had gotten one of the remaining machines started and stalled it several times. It had had an exhaust leak that was threatening to kill her. But she managed to get it going and sent it to run over a large portion of the cantina. Assuming there was nothing that they would want from in there.

With the thugs dead 41-Vex began healing the wounded twi’leks. Even though he scared them but offering to put the heads of their fallen foes on pikes as a warning to any others that want to mess with the citizens of New Meen. Most avoided the crazy droid. Pash then led the others and most of the village to the the thugs settlement. They found Sasha sitting near the remains of the cantina. The twi’leks looked a little disappointed that they couldn’t ransack the cantina for alcohol. Sasha had found a key to a safe in the dwellings and found the safe in the cantina, however it was no longer safe to enter. Pash braved the now dilapidated cantina, with only a bricks falling on his head, Pash managed to recover a small amount of credits from the safe, which he claimed was empty and the hard drive of a computer. 41-Vex suggested that Pash return to get his parts checked as he seems to keep spring leaks.

The next day, the twi’leks started to tear down the prefab building and move it and any other usable material back to New Meen. Lowhhrick convinced, with no real convincing, his captive to train the twi’leks to use their new heavy mining machinery. 41-Vex had a couple of twi’leks help him to repair one of the speeders using parts from both. It worked but not real well. Tehy managed to negotiate a deal with B’ura B’an to smuggle the Ryl spice for a 25% cut. Lowhhrick offered to stay behind and get a sample shipment and help to motivate the captive thug to train the twi’leks.

The next day Pash, Sasha, 41-Vex and B’ura B’an returned to Nabat. They picked up Mathus along the way back to Nyn’s hideout. Once they arrive they are introduced to a bothan called Ota. Nyn and B’ura B’an then leave the room. Ota first lets them know of the 50,000cr bounty on their heads, placed by Teemo. He offers them a chance to strike at Teemo again, disrupting a deal he is trying to put together. This may give them a chance to strike at Teemo for the money that is on their heads. They accept. He asks them to attend a party being held by an arms dealer on Geonosis by Duke Piddock. Piddock recently had a deal with Teemo but Piddock has withdrawn. Now a rival Duke Dimmock is dealing with Teemo. Dimmock is due to deliver some goods to Teemo in a few days but if he were to learn of why Piddock ended his partnership they maybe able to sneak back into Mos Shuuta and deal with Teemo. After Ota left and a brief discussion Nyn and B’ura B’an, and 41-Vex buying gloves. The crew decide to pose as arms dealers for Nyn’s militia, purchasing 2 or 3 blaster rifles for 3,000cr. Additionally they would pose as salesmen to the rest of the guests trying to offload some rycrit stew for the Geonosian hoards, in an effort to establish permanent trade agreement.

The following day they set off to Geonosis with a communicator from Ota. They arrive a Gogum hive and are escorted to the party, being asked to leave any offensive weapons in the Frayt Krang. The pass by two of the largest Geonosians they have ever seen armed with wide bore Geonosian blaster rifles. They spot Duke Piddock and several other guests, a human female wearing tight black, a young sullustan male, two humans that look a little alike, a gand by himself and a toydarian. Piddock also has a droid to act as a translator.

BG-222 had a discussion with Mathus about his current state of repairs, but Mathus did not gather much information. Later on 41-Vex got the droid to identify the piece of chitten as belonging to Sivor, a geonosian worker drone that had gone missing.

Mu Namb was quiet and not very forth coming. Both Sasha and 41-Vex tried to talk to him. He claimed to be there for the Jatz music, however Sasha would find out from Anatta that he placed a huge order for weapons from Piddock.

Wex and Orpa turned out to be a couple of Corellian smugglers, owners or the Lucky Guess. They offered to charter the ship to Pash for 500cr a person. Pash said he may have some work for them in the future.

Vrixx’tt was very interested in Mathus and his conflicting story. Although he claimed to be here looking to support the various insect species they latter learnt from Anatta and Maru that he was a bounty hunter.

Anatta was very friendly with Sasha. When in one of the private booths he offered her information at a price. He told her of the Vrixx’tt and Mu Namb. He dropped a hint that he already knew about their own dealings and predicament. He offered information on Sivor’s death at the hands of a Kubaz, Thwheek and the orders of Teemo. He also gave information on the other guests, what he had found out at least. He left his comlink code with Sasha if she were in need of his services as an information broker. He could also be found at Mos Eisley or Jabba’s Palace.

Maru Jakkar was rather secretive and a little disgusted when approached by Pash and 41-Vex. Latter on she would discuss future business opportunities with Pash. Although, she never mentioned what. She would also confirm the identity of Vrixx’tt and let him know that Teemo was buying odd parts for old Geonosian built B1 Battle Droids.

Piddock was eventually met in one of the private booths. Straight up Pash purchased 2 blaster rifles for the militia and a blaster carbine for himself. This struck 41-Vex as suspicious that he had enough money and would later confront Pash on that. Pash then offered the stew but Piddock wasn’t interested. 41-Vex then showed the bit of chitten to Piddock telling him of it being found on Trex’s ship. Piddock went on to divulge the reasons behind his split with Teemo. Piddock cut off dealings when he learned that Teemo employed a Kubaz spy. It was the final straw, but things hadn’t been going too well for a while. He also suspected, but could never prove, that one of his technicians, Sivor, was abducted or killed by Teemo.

With the party wrapped up the crew left the cantina and returned to their ship, keeping an eye open for Vrixx’tt. After they returned they were contacted by Ota, whom they discussed their next steps with. He told them to travel to Trellick hive and meet with Dimmock. From there they will need to board the Lucky Guess which is bound for Mos Shuuta. They may need to kill a couple of Geonosians depending on their progress with Dimmock.

The following morning they met with Dimmock at Trellick hive. They told him of the Kubaz, Sivor’s demise at his hands, and the efforts of Teemo to reverse engineer the battle droids. He was not pleased with Teemo and would cut his dealings with the vile Hutt. He told them to go at once to the Lucky Guess and deal with the Hutt. He would not stop them from their goal.

Indeed when they arrived at the Lucky Guess there was no Geonosians. However as they approached Vrixx’tt turned up. The crew quickly open fire on him. Although he fired once at Mathus who had charged at him, he was quickly overcome. 41-Vex took the time to make sure by shooting him the head at point blank range.

Pash got a message from Lowhhrick. the first sample of spice was ready. He decided that this was a priority so along with Mathus went back to the Frayt Krang to return to Ryloth. He let Lowhhrick know what 41-Vex and Sasha were planning on doing. B’ura B’an organised a private charter to get Lowhhrick back to Tatooine. 41-Vex and Sasha boarded the Lucky Guess and Orpa directed them to their seats as they took off bound for Mos Shuuta, Tatooine.

Lowhhrick was the first back to Mos Shuuta. He was hiding out in the shanty town when the Lucky Guess arrived on Landing Pad Aurek. Lowhhrick headed to the landing bay, noticing that there is less of an Imperial presence this time.

When the trio met up again they had to work out what to do. Sasha received a com from Anatta. He asked what she was planning on doing in Mos Shuuta with Teemo. He then offered to meet her at the Mos Shuuta Cantina. Against the advice of 41-Vex and Lowhhrick, Sasha went to meet Anatta. Once they went to a quiet booth and Sasha didn’t have an idea of what to do, Anatta suggested that Jabba might be upset with Teemo if they can find conclusive evidence of Teemo not passing on a cut to Jabba, or betraying Jabba.

After Sasha met up with the others they decided that they needed to get into Teemo’s Palace. After having a quick discussion with Orpa, the decided to remove some of the B1 battle droids and hide in the crates. Lowhhrick went out and bought an Ion Blaster Rifle, before they hid in the crates.

After a few long minutes they heard a discussion with the delivery of the goods. Using a hand scanner they soon saw that their were two droids in the room. After one left, Lowhhrick stepped out of the box and blasted a small PIT droid that never stood a chance. They moved quickly to the comms room. Lowhhrick watched the door while Sasha moved to check the adjacent room. 41-Vex started to hack into the computers of Teemo. Sasha explored the next room and attempted to sneak up on a man at the reception desk which was visible down the corridor. He turned around just in time before someone turned around.

41-Vex found all of the schematics of the B1 Battle droids that Teemo was trying to reverse engineer before he locked out the system. They moved into the adjacent room and hid in a storage cupboard. It sounded like the reception guard had heard a noise. Lowhhrick held a hand scanner up and waited for him to leave the room. 41-Vex suggested that they wait until after he comes back in the room and leaves again. They did, the hand scanner showed that another lifeform came into the room with the reception guard. The second lifeform came right up to the closest before turning away.

With the guards gone, the trio carefully went back to the comms room. With Lowhhrick and Sasha keeping guard again 41-Vex went to work on the computers again. This time he managed to get Teemo’s financial records that showed the Teemo wasn’t paying Jabba his cut from the Ryl mining operations on Ryloth, before locking out the system.

Knowing that they had enough incriminating evidence they decided to get out of Mos Shuuta. They went for the door back to the loading bay. They saw on the scanner that there were two lifeforms in the other room. One was approaching. When he opened the door, Lowhhrick quite literally cut the him in half. Sasha saw the Kubaz spy, Thwheek and fire at him, but was hindered by the blood spray of a Gamorean being cut in half. Thwheek ran down an adjacent hall that they knew led to Teemo’s throne room. The alarm was about to be raised. They fled for the door.

Outside they say a gun emplacement and the G1-M4-C Dunelizard that had attacked them en route to Ryloth. They decided to go for the ship but to take out the gun emplacement first. They quickly moved up against the emplacement as the gunner spotted them. They attempted to get in at the gunner. The gunner fired twice at the Dunelizard to prevent their escape before Lowhhrick and Sasha broke the glass and killed him. The landing strut had been destroyed and the dunelizard fell off of the landing platform.

With no escape possible that way Lowhhrick jumped into the emplacement and trained the gun on the door to Teemo’s palace. As the door opened he fired destroying any hope of access though the door. They fled around the edge of the palace and into Mos Shuuta. Up ahead they saw some Gamoreans leaving the nearby barracks. They looked like they were going to attack the trio. 41-Vex quickly told them that the landing pad had been attacked, and they should help. The Gamoreans then ignored the three and went to see what they could do at the landing pad. They saw another two head towards the city gate.

Sasha headed to the cantina to meet Anatta, while the others headed to the Lucky Guess. Sasha paid Anatta to pass on the information to Jabba. While 41-Vex bartered for passage away from Mos Shuuta quickly. Orpa, seeing an opportunity charged them 1,000cr each. Not having the money, Orpa took a down payment but increased the price to 15,000cr. Sasha returned to the ship and they flew to Mos Eisley to wait for the results.

Anatta contacted them a few hours later and told them it was all sorted. Jabba wasn’t pleased with Teemo. Anatta also told them in an official capacity that Jabba wants to see them. He then told the trio that he has assumed control of all debts and favours owed to Teemo and that is likely the reason why Jabba wants to see them.

41-Vex contacted Ota. Ota transferred the 50,000cr to them. He told them that “Some of Jabba’s Bounty Hunters led by Bossk. They took Teemo away. The Hutts don’t like killing their own, so he is probably just being held captive somewhere. He probably won’t be bothering us again. Unless something were to happen to Jabba, and what are the chances of that happening?”

When Pash returns to Tatooine with the Frayt Krang they four of them decide that it is time to meet Jabba. When they arrive at his Palace, they are greeted by Trex. “About time you got here” he sadi before turning and entering the palace. The five of them now including Trex are meet by Jabba’s majordomo Bib Fortuna. “Ah, welcome. Please follow me to meet the might Jabba the Hutt.”

The majordomo led them into Jabba’s opulent throne room. Among the Jabba’s entourage are more than a few capable bounty hunters. “You five” started Jabba through a translator “have caused me some grief. However, you have also helped show the light on a troublesome relative. For that I will have your bounty removed. However all debts you owed to Teemo, you now owe me. The five of you can and will reside in Teemo’s Palace. I have need of all of you so you will not kill each other. I have a job for the bounty hunter and another for the four of you. You will go to ”/wikis/arkanis" class=“wiki-page-link”> Arkanis . There you will met with Bargos. Now go."

Escape From Mos Shuuta
On the run from Teemo the Hutt

Six employees decided to make a break from the unfair work conditions imposed by Teemo the Hutt. They were immediately trapped inside the spaceport of Mos Shuuta.

The runaways burst into the local Mos Shuuta Grill & Cantina pursued by six Gamoreans. They tried to hide and blend into the crowd. Unfortunately they were not quick enough to hide from the Gamoreans. Lowhhrick jumped behind the bar whilst Pash, 41-Vex, Sasha and Mathus tried to play it cool in the crowd. Oskara tried to blend in with the dancing Twi’lek, however her blaster carbine gave away the hiding place. During the fight that followed Pash became pinned under a table with a couple of Gamoreans on top of it. Lowhrick took a beating behind the counter but dished out a much greater one with his vibroaxe. Vil the bartender of the cantina suggested that they need to leave Tatooine and told them that there was ship docked in landing bay Aurek. But the ship was owned by Captain Trex a bounty hunter working for Teemo. The ship was also needed to have a hypermatter reactor igniter. Vil then told them to leave.

The runaways then made their way to the junk shop run by Vorn Tel-Ovis. Pash managed to convince Vorn to sell them a hypermatter reactor igniter for just a few more credits. Their next stop was the Space Control Center to unlock the docking clamps on the ship. They found a back door to the control center. They came up with a plan to take them all out however Pash thought that they might be able to talk their way out. Pash went around the front and convinced the security droids to let him in to see Oversee Brynn. As he entered he saw Brynn allowing an Imperial Lambda Class Shuttle to land at landing bay Besh When he met her, he charmed her into unlocking the docking clamps holding the Krayt Fang. Pash also managed to organise a date for his return to Mos Shuuta.

Exiting the Space Control they started to make their way to landing bay Aurek. They were intercepted by a patrol of Stormtroopers. The Stormtroopers identify the runaways and instruct them to stop. They ran from the Stormtroopers heading toward the shanty town adjacent to Mos Shuuta. They managed to loose the Stormtroopers through the shanty town and came out near landing bay Aurek. Pash left a message for Trex requesting to meet with him in the Cantina to offer Lowhhrick as a bounty. Trex fell for the deception leaving the ship and the landing bay. 41-Vex and Pash convinced the remaining security droids to let them install the hypermatter reactor igniter. They are given access to the Krayt Fang.

The runaways steal the ship with Pash at the controls and Mathus installing the hypermatter reactor igniter. A flight of TIE fighters moved to intercept the fleeing runaways. Lowhhrick takes the ventral laser cannon while Oskara takes the dorsal laser cannon. 41-Vex handles any repairs the ships needs in flight while Sasha works the computers and sensors. The manage to destroy the TIE fighters as Mathus finishes the installation of the hypermatter reactor igniter. The new crew of the Krayt Fang jumped to hyperspace to freedom.

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