Tag: Black Sun


  • Under the Shadow of a Black Sun

    With the crew of the [[Krayt Fang | Frayt Krang]] in desperate need of credits [[:pash | Pash]] found that he had a text message from [[:maru-jakkar | Maru Jakkar]]. It said that she had a job for him that could earn him up to 20,000cr for him and his …

  • Black Sun

    |*Organisation Type*|Criminal Syndicate| |*Leader*|Prince Xizor| |*Headquarters*|[[Coruscant | Coruscant]] (Believed)| |*Locations*|Coruscant| ||Unknown|

  • Verannis

    A Falleen Male that acts as an Underboss for the [[Black Sun | Black Sun]]. During his efforts to rise above his station Verannis has employed the help of [[:kaa-to-leeachos | Kaa'to Leeachos]] to undermine the Pykes Syndicate. His main interests are in …