System Coruscant system
Sector Corusca Sector
Region Core Worlds
Orbital Metrics 368 days per year/24 hours per day
Government Galactic Empire
Population 1 trillion (humans 68%, other 32%)
Languages Basic
Terrain ecumenopolis
Major Cities Imperial Center/Coruscant
Areas of Interest Senate District
Imperial Palace
ruined Jedi Temple
Manarai Mountains
Major Exports culture
luxury goods
hyperdrive systems
Major Imports foodstuffs
raw materials
Trade Routes Martial Cross
Shawken Spur
Koros Trunk Line
Metellos Trade Route
Perlemian Trade Route
Corellian Run

Special ConditionsMost buildings have internally regulated environments; city suffers periodic superstorms due to climate instability.

Background If there were a bright center of the universe it would be Coruscant. Ancient, rich, and powerful, this Core world has been the capital of the galaxy since the earliest days of the Republic and has retained its throne for a thousand generations. Renamed “Imperial Center” under the Empire, Coruscant grows even more mighty as the hub of the thousand fleets and armies that serve Emperor Palpatine. Tens of thousands of years of constant civilization have permanently altered the face of the planet. What biosphere may have once existed has been completely removed. Even the planet’s oceans have vanished, consumed, polluted, or drained into labyrinthine networks
of cisterns, pipes, and reservoirs. In their place, a single, monumental city now spans the entire globe from pole to pole. What little native life remains—hawkbats, granite slugs, duracrete worms, and other creatures—has adapted to the completely artificial environment.

Coruscant’s “world city” covers nearly every square meter of the surface. Skyscrapers stretch kilometers into the air, while countless levels and sublevels delve deep into the planet’s heart. A trillion sentients (by official estimates) call Coruscant home, and unofficial numbers may
put the total far higher. Coruscant may well have been humanity’s original homeworld, long ago in the mists of prehistory. Even now, humans make up the majority of the planet’s population, a condition reinforced by Palpatine’s anti-alien policies and widespread discrimination. The remainder of the population is split among the countless other species found throughout the galaxy.

Although Coruscant still has some water frozen in its ice caps, it must import countless megatons of foodstuffs, millions of gallons of potable water, and vast amounts of raw materials to feed the world’s voracious inhabitants. In return, Coruscant’s exports are largely soldiers, bureaucrats, and an overwhelming cultural presence that shapes galactic society.
With the rise of the Empire, Coruscant has become increasingly militarized. The entire planet is encircled by forbidding defense platforms, swarms of warships, and a nigh-impenetrable planetary shield.

Even under Imperial control, however, Coruscant’s underworld is legendary. Criminals range from the feral wretches who dwell in the lowermost levels of the city to the powerful rogues who oversee galaxyspanning crime syndicates.


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