Krayt Fang

Designation Frayt Krang
Current Owner Lowhhrick
Current Captain Pash
Pilot Pash
Copilot/Sensors Sasha
Gunner(s) Lowhhrick, Oskara
Navigation/Engineering R4-W9
Medic 41-Vex
Model YT-1300
Class Light Frieghter
Armament Dorsel Turret (Medium Laser)
Ventral Turret (Medium Laser)

Navicomputer: The navicom has accurate and up to date coordinates for the following planets:

The Krayt Fang is a reddish brown-colored YT-1300 light freighter that belonged to Trex, a Trandoshan bounty hunter in the employ of Hutt Cartel crime lord Teemo. The Krayt Fang was docked at Landing Bay Aurek, in Mos Shuuta spaceport on Tatooine, with a broken hypermatter reactor igniter. A group of adventurer’s stole the ship to escape from Teemo the Hutt’s Gamorrean thugs, as well as stormtroopers led by Lieutenant Herkin, an Imperial commander with illegal connections to Teemo.

The ship has several compartments to be noted:

Cockpit: Has four seats for the pilot, copilot/sensors, and two passenger seats. There are additional terminals along the walls but those have been slaved to the pilot and copilot controls.

Main Hold: A secret smuggling compartment is hidden under the decking. There is a holochess set of good quality, with a challenging AI set up for solo games. This has a few seats around it.

Number Two Hold: There are some broken droid parts and various empty crates in this hold, as well as a set of oily and poorly maintained tools. Trex used this area as an ad hoc workshop. There is enough droid parts to construct an operational astromech unit, though it would be an arduous process. While the time, expertise, and equipment needed are not readily available. Alternatively the parts could be sold for as much as 2,000 credits.

Number Three Hold: This hold houses some of the equipment used by bounty hunters for the restraint and transportation of captives. There are seven sets of binders hanging from the walls and there are six small cylindrical cell units mounted on tracks for ease of transport.

Galley: This small kitchen area is nicely appointed.

Crew Quarters: This area has been kept surprisingly tidy. The shower and refresher are clean and operational. The three beds are practical, if a little uncomfortable. The wampa skin rug on the floor is in fine condition and could fetch a price of 250 credits to the right buyer.

Engineering: This section provides access to the ship’s engines and fuel reserves. All is functioning well here.

Additional: the starboard boarding hatch has been modified to allow somebody to board the Blade’s Edge, a Z95-AF4 Headhunter that has been mounted on there.

Krayt Fang

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