Okay I had been playing the minion combat rules incorrectly. I did play them right for the battle on Cloud City in Meeting of the Hutts. However, this was slow and tedious. The main problem with these rules is that you can only kill one minion at a time even in minion groups. So the new rule is below:

When Minions are fighting as groups, the group takes damage as if it were a single creature. After each point of damage inflicted if the groups wound exceeds the value of an individuals wound threshold, one minion dies. If this value is exceeded multiple times in one blow, that same number dies. So more then one creature can die with one attack. If a critical hit is scored, this can be used to immediately kill another minion in the group, doing the individuals wound threshold value worth of damage to the groups wound threshold. This applies to any attack that does not deal an area effect.

For example, if Lowhhrick were facing off against three Black Sun Thugs with a soak value of 3 and wound threshold of 8. The groups wound threshol would be 24. If Lowhhrick were to do damage of 15. He would do 12 damage to the group (damage – soak), this would exceed the indiviuals value of eight and kill one. On a second strike of the same value he would do another 12 damage which would kill the last two of them.

With the same example, If Lowhhrick were to hit well, scoring 19 damage and scoring a critical hit. That would deal 16 damage, but 1 would be killed straight away from the critical hit, dealing a further 8 damage to the group from the wound threshold of the individual. This would mean that Lowhhrick had killed the enitre group with one swing of his axe.

This remains subject to change based on how it works out.


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