Edge of the Empire

Meeting of the Hutts

One night at the Wheel

Returning home from Formos, Pash, 41-Vex, and Sasha with their new friend R4-W9 were greeted with a mess. There was what looked to be explosive damage as well as damage form blaster pistols. In the center pit the four of them saw Trex kneeling over the body of Lowhhrick. Trex had is arm raised and brought it down in a stabbing motion before anyone could react. Pash quickley drew his blaster and shot Trex in the back.

The four of them moved down to Lowhhrick and Trex. 41-Vex noticed that it was a stimpack in Trex’s hand. He treeated both of them both. Lowhhrick could really remember what happened, only an explosion behind him. Trex knew more although was unhappy he was shot said “That pig jumped the Wookiee. When Trex come in, Trex attack. No Nikto is going to banish Trex to abandonment in afterlife. Trex even try to save Wookiee, and what thanks Trex get? Trex shot in the back by Wookiee lovers.” He glared at Pash, later telling 41-Vex that he would “Trex not letting anyone else kill Wookiee. When Jabba lets Trex, Trex kill the Wookiee Lowhhrick. Trex will use the thief human’s ribs to pick Wookiee flesh from Trex teeth”.

They were stilling helping Lowhhrick when Jabba and his cohorts arrived, which included a Mandalorian that seemed to be staring at each of them. He was pleased to see that they hadn’t killed each other but not so happy that they weren’t keeping the place clean. He invited them to attend his cousin Thakba the Hutt’s opening night gala for a new casino on The Wheel. He also expected them to make at least 100,000cr worth of bets. He would allow them to use his line of credit but it would be at a cost of 40% of their winnings. Before he left he told them that they should see if they can do any work for the other Hutts there as he would consider it working for him.

When Jabba left Anatta stayed behind to say hello. With a few credits he told Sasha who was expected to attend. Along with Jabba and Thackba there was supposed to be one other Hutt, Bargos. The arms dealing Duke Piddock, and some people from his party Maru Jakkar and Mu Namb from the Rebel Alliance. The mysterious Ota and the head of IsoTech, Roem. From the Imperial Navy Commander Herkin. The Black Sun was expected to show in the form of a new Vigo, Verannis. Although there would be hundreds of otehrs, these were the main ones.

When Anatta left 41-Vex showed R4-W9 around. When they were at the entrance a messenger droid gave him a letter addressed to Pash, that smelled of perfume and was sealed with a kiss. He opened and read it before taking to Pash, who wasn’t happy about the droid opening his mail. It took him a while but he eventually guessed it may have been from Maru Jakkar. The letter contained the following message:

“My Darling,
It has been too long since we have seen one another. Not since you left me to go to Coruscant. I thought it might be nice to meet up again. I will let you know what I have been up to. I have been working with your friends. And now I am in the beautiful Cloud City on Bespin. Have you ever been here? Some friends of yours are here, although they don’t look to friendly.

The city is so beautiful, you should see the way it drifts through the clouds. The tibanna gas really makes the sunset seem so romantic. If only you were hereā€¦

I have met the most wonderful man here, I think you would like him. When I told you about him, he wanted to meet you. He may even have a job for you. Wouldn’t that be exciting, you working so close to me? Anyway you at least come and meet him. I will be waiting for you in the Royal Casino. There is a high roller Sabacc game in two days. I will be there, waiting for you in that red dress you loved so much.


The five of them flew of to Cloud City on Bespin. They were directed to one of the top floors. When they landed they were met by a security detachment that escorted them to a top floor penthouse. There they saw Maru and the most charming man in the galaxy, Lando Calrisian. After a brief introduction, and a little flirting with Sasha, Lando outlined a problem that he was having although he skirted around actually saying what the problem was. He then asked them to make this problem relocate.

Maru led them to a private booth in a quiet cantina and explained some more. There was a Black Sun spice smuggling point on level 157 just above some Tibana tanks on 158. Lando wants the Black Sun to go somewhere else and doesn’t really care where. Maru knew that a freighter was due in to take away a recent shipment. Having something happen to the shipment would be enough to stop the Black Sun temporarily, but to make it permanent they would need to show that it was an enemy of the Black Sun that was responsible. They came up with a plan of landing on the other freighter and pinning it to the landing pad. They also asked Maru to cut the power when the ship arrived to disable any defenses. Sasha scouted out the area and found that there were six security droids there.

When the time came they flew in. 41-Vex had given out some of his mini thermal detonators. Lowhhrick and 41-Vex jumped down and started toward the security droids. 41-Vex threw a mini thermal detonator and took them all out. Two groups of Black Sun thugs started coming out of the warehouse. Lowhhrick moved in to take them while Sasha started sniping at the others, and was later joined by Pash. They could hear orders coming over the PA which was followed by an explosion from the office above. While Lowhhrick slugged it out with the guys trying to take him, Sasha spotted the Nikto running in the office. Another group of guys started coming down the ramp from the office, while she took a shot at the leader cowering in the office. 41-Vex threw another mini thermal detonator at a the now 6 guys coming out of a warehouse, killing them all. Only for him to spot another mini thermal detonator land at his feat. Quick reflexes saved his life but two of his arms were disintegrated leaving him shut down and helpless. Sasha spotted the Nikto, Kaa’to Leeachos drop down a grate and guessed that he would be heading for the Tibana tanks. Pash spotted the pilot of the other frighter up in the top turret lining up Sasha. He quickly tossed a mini thermal detonator over there, destroying the turret and half of the top of the ship. Pash jumped into the Frayt Krang taking off with Sasha jumping onto the guns. She opened fire on the office reducing it to molten slag. She opened fire on the last of the thugs after Lowhhrick got clear. Lowhhrick go to 41-Vex and helped get the fallen droid on to the ship. He took the droids hand scanner and set it to monitor the tanks below. Pash checked out the other ship while Sasha and Lowhhrick started stealing the spice. On their third crate the hand scanner started going off, there was an explosive charge ready to blow. They ran for the ship calling to Pash as they went. Pash couldn’t get the other ship going so ran for his own. After a suggestion from Lowhhrick he attempted to use the magnetic clamps to capture the other ship, however the exploding tanks made it difficult to fly and the landing platform gave way before he could get into position. The Wrohsyr Leaf fell toward the center of the gas giant.

Lowhhrick helped to patch up 41-Vex, and they all agreed on one thing, it was time to leave. They contacted Maru and she told them that she would get their credits to them on the Wheel. She also told them that they had been successful in getting the Black Sun to permanently relocate.

As the time for the casno opening was approaching, they headed toward the Wheel. On arrival they were asked to check their weapons, which they did right after Boba Fett. Heading in they saw how opulent the casino was. They spotted Jabba, Bargos and who they assumed was Thackba all sitting at a Sabacc table.



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